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My name is Alexander Holmqvist and I am a level designer and world builder. I love creating stories and experiences that go along with them. I enjoy a great variety of games, everything from point and click to turn based RPGs to first person shooters. In my sparetime I like to climb, skateboard, cook, write stories as well as music and of course play video games. 

For as long as I remember I've been playing video games and creating worlds. I still remember playing the golden cartridge of "The legend of Zelda" and how it let to a fascination with video games. I started early with DnD game mastering, creating maps, religions and characters has always been and is still something I love to do.

I have been studying level design since 2020. When I was younger I had been making maps in various map editors such as, age of empires 2, warcraft 3 and heroes of might and magic 3 to name a few. I have always loved world building and it's what I see as my own greatest strength, my creativity.

Thank you for your time!

Kind regards

Alexander Holmqvist!


Currently looking for an internship as a part of my level design education at The Game Assembly. internship is 7 months with a preferred start August 2022

Feel free to reach out!

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